Let’s choose right IDE and framework

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In previous articles I’ve told about library and language. Our next step was choosing IDE, and our choice was PyCharm from Jetbrains. But you can choose any other IDE, i think more of them similar in functionality.

Framework choosing by next steps:

  1. define how to write test cases
  2. define language to write test cases
  3. define how to describe elements

Step number two, choose framework for writing automated tests: we choose Behavior-Driven Development (BDD). Why we choose BDD? Our team working by Scrum Framework, and we write Stories, that looks like “As a user, I want do something, to get some results”

Next step, choose language for Test Cases, one of my colleagues from another project used Gherkin – we investigated it, and start to use it to write our Test Scenarios, it’s very simple and in paid version of PyCharm we can create Gherkin file – write our scenarios and simply create Steps File – with all steps from scenario. Another cool thing in Gherkin – we can use already created steps in another scenarios, so we don’t need create duplicate steps.

And last one step, how to describe elements – for this thing in google we can find a lot of info about most popular pattern Page Object 🙂 The main idea of this pattern – that we we create one page for module(page) and describe all elements, used functions and methods from this module on this page. If in the future ID or Name of this element will be changed – we should change it just in one place.

Let’s summarize what we have: Python + Pywinauto + PyCharm + Gherkin + PageObject

Thanks for your attention, in next articles i will describe how to work with DB, and how we organize connection settings in one place

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