Structure of the project


Hi readers!

In my previous post I’ve described how we choose IDE and Framework.

Next phase – build project structure. Our project consists from next files and folders:

Root folder:

  • Failed_Screenshots – to those folder added screenshots when tests failed
  • Features folder – all project files, i will describe with details below
  • – small description of the project 🙂
  • requirements.txt – required libs for correct running of the project

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Let’s choose right IDE and framework

Hi readers 🙂

In previous articles I’ve told about library and language. Our next step was choosing IDE, and our choice was PyCharm from Jetbrains. But you can choose any other IDE, i think more of them similar in functionality.

Framework choosing by next steps:

  1. define how to write test cases
  2. define language to write test cases
  3. define how to describe elements

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